Saturday, May 12, 2007

From out of nowhere

This sweater knit up so quickly that I didn't get around to posting any progress photos at all! This was started as a project to use up 4 100g skeins of DK acrylic that I bought a couple of years ago and had never gotten around to using. I was looking for a casual top that I would wear often and be happy to throw in the washer.

Pattern: Lola, free pattern from Berocco
Yarn: James Brett Marble, Berries colourway
Modifications: omitted the novelty yarn trim, made the sleeves top-down, and much shorter than the pattern, added keyhole slit to the neck, and changed neck edging to one row of single crochet.

As you can see, I modified the pattern quite a bit, mainly because I didn't have enough yarn for the original long sleeves. I guess the slip-stitch ribbing ate up a lot more yarn than I had anticipated. I had one ball of yarn left by the time the front and back were done, so I divided it evenly by weight, started the sleeves from the top, and stopped when I ran out.

The result is a soft, cozy top that is perfect for lounging on chilly spring days. It was different to go back to acrylic, which I haven't touched in a while, but I have to say this is a nice soft acrylic, affordable, and easy to care for. And I'm a sucker for self-striping yarn! It would be great for kids clothes.


Laura said...

Your sweater came out great, Kelly!

Dawn ; ) said...

loved the sweater ~ thx for sharing. I may have to make myself one. ;D