Friday, April 06, 2007

Ill mannered yarn

Remember that Chinese Red Vest I mentioned that was going to be my red sweater project? It had been languishing since 2004.

I picked it up this morning and started to knit, first completing the fronts, then the back to finish up the main body of the vest. And then came time to bind off the shoulders.

Fighting to stay free, the stitches kept jumping off the needles when I wasn’t looking. Taking a leap, they ran down away from the bind off. A springing yarn, the Gedifra merino had plenty of energy and obviously a mind of its own. Added and abetted in this endeavor by the ebony needles, I finally cried enough, sliding them onto one needle. Alternating the recalcitrant escapees from both front and back I forced them into submission with a K2tog and psso, locking them in pairs for the life of the waistcoat.

You think I could find my scissors after this?

No, they were declaring its support for the integrity of the yarn by hiding.

I hate biting off yarn.

And finally, my status just before going out the door for services. The facings are done on the fronts, and the neck is finished. Although not without spending 15 minutes rooting through the stash before finding the remaining ball of yarn from the same dye lot. [I had decided I was not going to cry even if I was 20 m of yarn short].

Now on to do the armhole finishing and blocking. [and we will not talk about the two orphan socks I discovered while on my yarn search, increasing my numbers of UFOs....]

ah well, it will give me something else to complain about on my blog
-Holly in Heidelberg

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Laura said...

It's looking marvelous, Holly. Love the way you beat those wild stitches into submission. :-)