Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Europe is in

Hi fellow knitters,

I am Swiss and French and love knitting (I do have other crafts as hobby such as cross stitch, quilting and sewing, but this one is the one I mostly practice).

A couple of years ago I decided I had enough of green, black and grey in my wardrobe and thought I needed something at the opposite...on the colour wheel...RED.

So I knitted a couple of red sweaters.

The one I present today is actually not bright red, but burgundy. It is a Verena design (German knitting magazine), which is shorter than the original and the neck is home designed as well as the flowers as buttons (I added beads in their center).

These crocheted flowers were supposed to be within the cables "openings". It is also a sweater rather than a cardigan and shorter (I was not sure to have enough yarn)...I absolutely love this type of tweed yarn.
Next post will be a bright red knitwear.


Montana said...

Boy - what a stunning piece!

jacqui said...

This is just gorgeous! Looking forward to your next piece.