Sunday, February 25, 2007

Still In There And Struggling

It really has taken far longer than anticipated (isn't that always the case when we excitedly match yarn with pattern and cast on with high hopes?) I've frogged and sworn and worked and calculated. I got the back of the Celtic Vest done finally, and thought the fronts would be a piece of cake, but NOT SO.

I admit it was probably a mistake to work on the complicated motif sections during the historic Ireland/England rugby match yesterday. But the use of peanuts to count rows (wanted to use chocolate beans but thought peanuts safer) did help a bit. Here it is so far.

On the left is the final front, about a quarter done. It's driving me mad, mad I tell you! And so many other projects I want to do (it doesn't help of course that all of your pictures make me immediately want to try those...)


Laura said...

Jo, it's looking fabulous! Stunning, even. You're making great progress.

Holly said...

I just love that pattern.
I had started it once, got detoured for about 15 months. when I pulled it out, I found that m*ths had invaded.
You are inspiring me to go for it again!

Shannah said...

It looks great, though! It won't be long now... Glad I'm not alone in the frogging club... ;-)