Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Know I'm a Loser, But Hey ... I'm a Winner!

Those of you who have been with this KAL from the start may recall my lofty plans for a sweater, which then dwindled down to a simple felted vest when I found myself not loving the yarn I selected. Well, I got about 85% through the vest and simply hated it. It's been draped over the back of a chair for ages now. I keep thinking that one day I'll be inspired to finish it, but that's looking less and less likely each day.

I have to admit that I even stopped visiting this KAL site very often of late, because every time I stopped by and saw all of your fabulous red sweaters ... well, I just felt like a big loser, not only because I have succeeded only in knitting something that promises to be truly hideous but also because I abandoned it and then snuck quietly away hoping nobody would notice!

So yes, I'm a loser.

But then yesterday I learned that I'm actually a winner! I am soooooo thrilled to have been chosen to receive Anne's handspun yarn prize. Wow! If the prize had been any other, I think I would have meekly and apologetically declined, but with this prize -- Hell No! No way, no how will I turn down one of Anne's gems!

Now I just need to think of an act of attrition to assuage my guilt for accepting this prize. I'll get back to you all soon on what that will be.

THANK YOU so much to Anne for the prize, to Anne and Laura for the KAL, and to all of you for not hunting me down and attempting to seize the undeserved prize from my vice-like grip!

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Laura said...

Since you're clearly unhappy with that vest, I think you should frog it and try again.

Glad you a part, even sporatically, of our KAL, Deb.