Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Small Red Sweater is done

I made an American Girl sized red sweater, which is the first of two red sweaters I plan on, the second will be made from red Cherry Tree Hill Potluck in a heavy worsted, or some cotton and acrylic blend I have in my stash. One of those two will be started as soon as I find a pattern I like.

The Doll sweater being admired by Ducky.


prairiegirl said...

What a beautiful little doll sweater!

Susan said...

That sweater is so cute!

So is the cat. I didn't notice her until I zoomed in, then she took me by surprise! Hehe.

Peg said...

Love the sweater! My Mom and Grandma used to knit clothes for my dolls and I still have a little pair of socks my Grandma knit with the turned heel, etc. Knitting for dolls may not take as long as for people, but the stitching up can be fiddly!

Chris said...

What a sweeeet little sweater! and your cat is hilarious!!! gotta love 'em!