Thursday, January 25, 2007

death of a sweater

well, what was supposed to be a fixing session ended up at 5 am being a frogging session - its a long story but it involved ripping the side seams of Chic Knits Ariann which were too tight across my hips as I had done the decreases (for waist shaping) but made the sweater longer and thus the highlighting of the worst part of the bod.

so all the yarn is rewound including one ball with two row lengths.

i think i am going to let this rest for a few days before deciding whether to tackle this pattern again with more knowledge of how to do it... or go for another sweater pattern - i really like the Nantucket in the Winter IK... and had flagged it to do - I love cables and really need more of a jacket than a sweater... will swatch later and see . But first I need to finish charting a fair isle FIREMAN sweater i am designing for Mr. W my just turned three... its got red in it - so maybe I will blog on it as well.

Nantucket Jacket, Interweave Knits, Winter 2006


New Jersey Laura said...

So sad. But a merciful end is better than a lifetime of hip-hugging.

Jean said...

Oooh a 5am frogging session is brutal. I love that Nantucket jacket, though. I want to make that, too.

Jo said...

I love the Nantucket as well. It's in there on my 'projects to start as soon as all the others are done, oh what the hell, as soon as possible' list. Can't decide what yarn to use though.