Thursday, September 20, 2007

New to the KAL

Hi everyone! I am excited to join this KAL for 3 reasons.
1) I love red! It is most definitely my favorite color.
2) I love knitting!
3) I have nothing in my wardrobe that is red and hand knit.

Therefore, I must join although I have 6 WIPs and at least 30 projects waiting in my stash closet. Since none of those projects were red, I had to go buy more stash! Which I love doing about as much as knitting. This is what I bought.

The Patons was on sale at Michaels for $3.79 this week. I am trying to decide between these two projects.

What do you think? I am leaning at doing the vest because I am afraid the Patons wool may be too scratchy against my skin. But I have yet to knit an adult size Aran sweater. Isn't knitting great there is always something you can do that you've never done before and you can spend your entire lifetime challenging yourself.


prairiegirl said...

Oooh... I vote for the vest! I'm on a big vest kick right now though, so my opinion is somewhat biased. I agree with you that the wool might be a touch scratchy against bare skin - although you could always just wear a cami under the sweater if you chose to make that!

Laura said...

Both sweaters are gorgeous. I'd go for the long-sleeved one, personally, as I hate wearing blouses under knitwear. I know. I'm weird. LOL You can always wear a tank or lightweight t-shirt under the sweater if it's scratchy.