Friday, September 21, 2007

Greetings from Italy

Hi! I'm "Ai ferri corti" (that literally means "short needles", i.e. needles that were used for socks knitting in Italy) and I'm from Italy. First of all I would like to thank Anne and Laura for inviting me to join to this wonderful KAL. I'm very happy about it because... I'm knitting a red sweater (mohair by Bertagna Filati in the picture) and because I have the possibility to learn (a lot) from such a group of knitters!

Since I'm Italian and my English/American is not really good, do not hesitate to correct words/sentences and so on! I think this will improve my English too!
Thank you all!

Best Regards,
Ai Ferri Corti


Laura said...

Welcome to the knit along. Your English looks great to me! So does your sweater start. :-)

Ai Ferri Corti said...