Sunday, November 11, 2007

One Year Later!

It took a year but it's finished and I'm pleased as can be with the results.

A bit of background since it's been so long in the making.
Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Sonoma (This particular colorway is sold out) Chris donated this yarn for the first Red Letter Day here at the Red Sweater KAL. Chris sent two skeins with approximately 487 yds each in matching but different colorways. The yarns were alternated with every round. The sweater came down to the wire with the yarn, I really could have used about 10 more yards to tidy up along the neck. The second sleeve was moving right along when I read that seed stitch uses up a lot of yarn. If I'd known that sooner I wouldn't have put so much seed stitch in the pattern.

Pattern: Started out using the basic Pure & Simple pattern but quickly realized I wanted my own design. Which really isn’t something I advise a rank new sweater maker to undertake. With the exception of a newborn sweater I made for Faith about the time I received this yarn, I’d yet to knit a sweater. By the time I’d hit the area of joining the arms the pattern was discarded. Top down, knit in the round.

Needles: Jenkins US9 24″ Circulars
Project on Needles: 1 year

This sweater is super comfortable and the colors are great. (Second picture is truest colorwise.) This is a sweater that will be worn to death. :-)


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh WELL DONE! I must have known you'd posted - I logged on for the first time in ages, to see if I was too late to start another red sweater and I WASN'T. Proud of you and of the sweater - it looks superb. Off to start a new one myself - the grey November weather demands it!

Laura said...

Your sweater turned out great! Good job. Congratulations. :-)

Chris said...

Wooooo hoooo! it looks wonderful! Congrats!!!
From the dyer of your yarn!

Susan said...

It's beautiful! My first sweater (also red) was from Pure and Simple. I modified mine, too. That's the beauty of top down knitting.