Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Red Things

It's been a dismal several days here, with the Mister gone and the boy on the couch. I thought it was time for an inventory of the small amounts of red left about, given the season, and a KAL that celebrates the colour.



The leaves are off the maples now; the beeches hold on, and the oaks, well, they always are the last to go. But vivid colour on the grand scae has officially left the landscape, and we have only the sapphire blue of deep winter skies to look forward to. It is now the season for our red sweaters and maybe some orange socks.



A skein of fearlessly red sock yarn arrived in the mail from Deb as a KAL prize. I had forgotten it was on its way, so it was a charming surprise. It's a little less orange-a-red in person, exactly the colour red my Clover kacha kacha row clicker is, and I love the way the yarn feels. I think I want more of Deb's sock yarn given how springy and soft is this skein.

Img_5084Which is all to say that I'm more than ready to wear this sweater. The fronts are done on Sunrise Circle. Given the season and how Pagan the early darkness and the turn of the Autumn weather makes me feel, I love the name of this sweater. It makes me feel like greeting the Four Directions every time I say it out loud.


Peg said...

I love all your red colour - berries, leaves, peppers, etc. Our Mountain Ash was loaded with beautiful red berries, but the robins are making quick work of them. Oh well, they have to eat too. Love the orange/red sweater. It is so nice to see bright colours in our dark winters.

Chris said...

Your post was so poetic and lovely....I can "feel" the colors as you describe them.......
Your sweater is just wonderful!!